Why the name FreeOK?

FreeOK is a portmanteau of the original and intended name, Freethought Oklahoma. One of the early planners suggested shortening it to FreeOK and when it was oft-used as a text message shorthand slang during texting between the planners, the name just stuck.

What is freethought?

Freethought is a philosophical viewpoint that holds that beliefs and opinions should be formed on the basis of science, logic, and reason, and should not be influenced by authority, tradition, revelation or dogma.

What is humanism?

Humanism is an ethical structure defined by its grounding in evidence and rational thought. It expresses an emphasis on developing and practicing humanity morally and achieving self-fulfillment without belief in gods. Humanists concern themselves with the needs, interests and welfare of humans, and seek to exert influence in realms that benefit those properties.

What is The “Actually” Campaign?

The Actually Campaign is a series of projects designed to positively grow the secular community by revealing the human character of atheists et al, and encouraging open and active atheism without fear of judgment. Through the campaign, we seek to put to rest the negative stereotypes associated with atheism and raise money to benefit humanist causes that benefit more than just the atheist community.

Are FreeOK’s operations atheist-centric?

Not necessarily. For beginners, atheism is not a philosophy (and neither is it a religion, worldview, creed, belief system, et al.), but rather, it is broadly a lack of belief in God or gods and is, in no way, synonymous with nor a necessity of freethought. It is the process – not the conclusion – by which freethought is differentiated from other philosophies. A person can actually be a theist because they are a freethinker while another person can be an atheist despite not being a freethinker. Nevertheless, freethought is a philosophy accepted most commonly by non-theists (including, but not limited to atheists, agnostics, and deists).

We are, by nature, a secular organization. Religious persons are welcome to participate in all of our endeavors, but proselytizing is generally frowned upon. At the same token, ad hominem attacks against theists by our volunteers will not be tolerated while on a work site. We aim to create an honest, tolerant and friendly environment for all who choose to work with us and we maintain that the environment be free of religious influence.