We Want YOU [to Table FreeOK]

We Want YOU [to Table FreeOK]

As part of our pledge to support the secular art, education, & business community, we are extending tabling opportunities to art exhibitors and small business vendors at the 2014 Oklahoma Freethought Convention!

The cost is $150 and includes your two-day admission to the convention, table in the Cox Convention Center lobby for both days and a 6-month advertisement in the Community section of the FreeOK website.

Use the form below to reserve your space. Once submitted, this page will refresh to take your PayPal payment for your table reservation. That’s an important part. Don’t skip it!

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FreeOK Sponsors St. Baldrick’s Charity Event

FreeOK Sponsors St. Baldrick’s Charity Event


FreeOK, in association with Velvet Monkey Salon and the 16th Street Plaza District Association, hosts inaugural St. Baldrick’s charity event on May 4th, 2014.

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (January 16th, 2014) – Oklahoma’s Humanism team, FreeOK, has teamed with local businesses and the St. Baldrick’s foundation to orchestrate a charity drive for for childhood cancer research to be held this May. The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is a charity dedicated to funding childhood cancer research and generates more charitable income for cancer research than even the American Cancer Association. The organization’s signature events ask that fundraising volunteers shave their heads in solidarity with children undergoing treatment. This event falls on the 13 year anniversary of the Velvet Monkey Salon’s opening and will include a live music series featuring local artists, food trucks, charitable shopping opportunities, raffles, prizes for participation and more.

The fundraising goal has been set at $10,000 and will require assistance from volunteers and sponsors in order to be met. Head-shaving, while not mandatory to participate, has always drawn smiles and applause from participants and spectators. This free event will be held on Sunday May 4th from 1pm – 4pm during Plaza Sunday, Velvet Monkey Salon has over 20 licensed stylist and barbers ready to shave heads to help raise money for this event, each participant will receive a souvenir for contributing.”

Honorees include Davin, a Lewisville, Texas child who lost his battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) at age 11, and Daniel, whose rare type of ALL left his family with no other option than experimental treatment until his passing. Daniel’s story touched event coordinator Suzanne Yancey and inspired the creation of this event.

You can read more on the honorees, donate, or register as a fundraising volunteer on the St. Baldrick’s website at http://www.stbaldricks.org/events/mypage/10976/2014.


For inquiries, contact

Suzanne Yancey, Event Coordinator



For booth space or sponsorship inquiries, contact

Kai Tancredi, FreeOK Projects & Events Coordinator



The Giving Drive

The Giving Drive

giving drive slide-01

This year starts FreeOK’s first annual Giving Drive, merging our blood drive, food drive, and the first HHA gift drop location for the season.

Whether you can donate blood or not, the event will be used as a donation drop point for food items to benefit the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and a gift drop location for holiday adoptions made through the HHA Program.

See the Event page for more details.

Welcome Back to FreeOK!

Welcome Back to FreeOK!

We’ve been busy putting together our new look and generating more projects, events and opportunities for interaction.

New Stuff

  • Our new Events and Projects section details everything we’ll be up to over the next few months. We’ve even got a nifty calendar to that effect. Over time, you will be better able to identify our news and activities through colored icons designated for community service, education, giving, disaster recovery and church v state activism. Icons designated for our various campaigns will also be obvious.


  • FreeOK memberships are now available for purchase! In our tradition of giving you stuff for giving us stuff, membership perks include discounts on merchandise in our new shop, event invites, tickets and more! Pop over to the Memberships page to learn more.
  • Did we mention that we have a Shop now? FreeOK and seasonal Actually Campaign merch are available with new stuff being added periodically. We’ve refined our shipping process to make it as painless on everyone as possible. Members get discounts and all profits not designated for production benefit humanist aid and disaster relief projects in and around Oklahoma.


  • In Oklahoma and looking for a local secular community group to join? Perhaps you’re a local freethought-friendly business or patron looking for more visibility. Our network provides for both those things. Check back in a few weeks for business listings. The community groups have been posted. Are we missing your group? Send an email with your details to coordinator@freeok.org and we’ll add you for free.


  • Volunteering just got easier for those looking for a secular group to join in community service and disaster relief. We’ll even be able to offer credit hours for student volunteers in 2014! As always we are looking for donors and sponsors to help with our operations.The Be Active menu is where you can do all the things.


  • Dispatches will be released direct to your inbox once a month, outlining everything for you in case you don’t have the time to hang around here.

Introducing the Holiday Humanists Gifting Program

Introducing the Holiday Humanists Gifting Program

HHA Gifting is the part of FreeOK’s 2013 Giving Drive aimed at providing holiday gift relief to families housing foster children and those in need of assistance for other reasons. Our kids up for gifting adoption provide us with wishlists which we then make available to volunteering sponsors.

Apart from foster and shelter children, we are also accepting registrations/nominations of others in need. You can use our adoption registration form to do just that through November 1st.

Adoptions will open up once registrations close.

Go to the HHA page for more information.

Hug a Heathen at Dove Science Academy Festival

Hug a Heathen at Dove Science Academy Festival

FreeOK will be tabling at the Dove Science Academy Elementary Fall Festival on Saturday, October 5th! Come visit us and other members of the local secular and science community for a fun day out with the family.

Use this opportunity to participate in Hug an Atheist Week sponsored by Foundation Beyond Belief. We will be accepting donations in exchange for hugs and other tokens of our affection to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Hug an Atheist Week (October 1st-7th) allows the community to participate in an international partnership between the humanist community and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). The LLS provides financial support for scientific research, educational efforts, and patient care. These are services which speak to the values of humanists everywhere. Hug an Atheist events are service events fundraising for a great cause which simultaneously serve to break down stereotypes and stigmas surrounding nonreligious individuals.

See the Event page for additional details.

Disaster Recovery Drive: Steelman Estates

Disaster Recovery Drive: Steelman Estates

We will be returning to our original work site to assist with the tent city that has been set up there. To get involved, RSVP to the event on our Facebook page.


Requested donation items include:

Fix-a-flat (a whole case) for the new wheelbarows that were delivered

Vanity sink – “Needs to have the stand and a kinda deep sink. Metal would be great but we aren’t picky. It is for the well house we have, to have it to take samples in.”

VOLUNTEERS: Help transporting donations from the places where they are offered to the people who have needs, and/or gas money for vehicles so they can do this themselves. Help unloading and organizing donations as they come in. Help in the kitchen cooking and serving food. Help with debris clean-up.



8 X 20 (ish) WALK-IN COOLER, Organic Valley/Organic Prairie has said they will donate a bunch of food to us IF we can get this truck !! :D

Army tent (LARGE) to house lots of volunteers


GOLF CARTS – 2, gas powered (and gas to run them)

Heavy machinery and people that know how to operate these things (bobcats, loaders, skid steers, and dump trucks).

RV style trailer for a resident of Steelman Estates to borrow. Needs to have AC.

RV Camper Portable Waste Holding Tank

Sleep – we could really use some if you have any to spare. :)

WASHER (low water consumption)


Bacon, Baking powder, Corn starch, Carrots, Celery, Bananas, Pork chops, Ground beef, Cooking oil, Coffee, Brown sugar (2 big bags), Pot roast (if you can find it on sale), Bucket of lard, Tin foil

10X20 (five) easy-up tent for the water specialist who is coming to work on-site;

10X10 (five) easy up tents for the many volunteers that come in every day so they can have a bit of shade

50 Amp RV extension chord cables, 12 gage – 100 foot long

Ant spray, Fly spray, Wasp spray (insecticide for the grounds)

Back braces (of ALL sizes) for our volunteers that are lifting heavy boxes every day.

Bandanas (the special kind that have gel in them to keep your neck cool – they swell when you put water on them)

Batteries – All sizes

Benadryl spray; Calamine lotion; Bug repellent

Bicycle pumps

Boxes (Extra, super-large)

Bungees chords (hundreds, all sizes)

Coffee maker/urn for large amounts

Cots (up to 90, or whatever number you can bring in – getting one or two at a time is still helpful)

Extension chords (heavy duty outdoor w/multi-outlets, 100 foot minimum, 10 gage)

Extension chords (indoor — anything from 5 to 25 feet)

Fans (personal, hand-held, battery operated kind)

Fly strips (cases and cases)

Garbage can w/lid (30 gallon)

Gasoline (regular and deisel)

Garden hoses (50 of them, 100 foot)

GATORADE!!!!! (liquid OR powder in personal serving sizes only)

Gift cards for gas, grocery stores, hardware stores, and household furnishings

Magnets (on the end of pole, with a wheel, for picking nails up off the ground)

Marking paint (the kind for marking utility lines on the ground)


Plastic totes (LOTS)

Pillows – more and more families are coming back and requesting these

Rubber bands of all sizes

Shoes/Boots – all sizes, NEW or very gently used

Skin-So-Soft (Avon) — We have an amazing volunteer who rode his horse from Missouri to help us out. This lotion helps to keep the flies away from his horse.

Sleeping bags

Socks -children’s sizes only

Solar showers for the families to have at their home sites (Up to 90, or whatever number you can bring in – getting 1 or 2 at a time is still helpful)

Tape measures (long, stainless, durable)

Tarps (8X10 smaller size only)

Tents – family size AND small size

Tools (2 1/2 pound shop hammers/sledge hammers, hammers, nails, pick ax, pliers, screws, wire cutters/dikes)

Underwear – all sizes and genders, NEW; Bras – all sizes, NEW

Weed eaters

White paint and/or siding to cover the housing that was just built over the water well

Zip-loc bags of ALL sizes (small to gallon, freezer, etcetera)


FreeOK 2013 Event Guide [PDF]

FreeOK 2013 Event Guide [PDF]

We’ve put together a downloadable event guide for you. Event map, parking instructions, schedule, speaker and sponsor bios are all included.


FreeOK’s Relief + Fundraiser Network

FreeOK’s Relief + Fundraiser Network

We have had an amazing network of community partners during the relief effort and through FreeOK’s fundraisers this year. We encourage the continued support of these local businesses and organizations for their tireless efforts on our behalf and on behalf of those who have desperately needed assistance in the last month.

Red Dirt Report

Oklahoma Atheists

The Beyond Belief Network

Occupy OK Relief

Red Dirt Party Bus

Grandad’s Bar

Channing UU Church

Hideaway Pizza

BJ’s Brewhouse (Norman)


CCOSA Literacy Drive at FreeOK 2013

CCOSA Literacy Drive at FreeOK 2013

On FreeOK Day at the Cox Convention Center (June 22nd if you haven’t been paying attention), we will be sponsoring a literacy drive to benefit the schools affected by Oklahoma’s May 19-20th tornadoes through CCOSA. The convention will act as a drop location for book donations and monetary contributions to creating a mobile library/book store or rebuilding/restocking the libraries of the schools that were lost. Education and literacy are of considerable importance to us and they should be to everyone.

Books for all ages are welcome, as they can be distributed to other needy areas, but our primary target demographic are  elementary-middle school (YA) readers.

Thank you for all of your contributions to rebuilding our community, no matter what form they may take.