Disaster Recovery Drive: Steelman Estates

Disaster Recovery Drive: Steelman Estates

We will be returning to our original work site to assist with the tent city that has been set up there. To get involved, RSVP to the event on our Facebook page.


Requested donation items include:

Fix-a-flat (a whole case) for the new wheelbarows that were delivered

Vanity sink – “Needs to have the stand and a kinda deep sink. Metal would be great but we aren’t picky. It is for the well house we have, to have it to take samples in.”

VOLUNTEERS: Help transporting donations from the places where they are offered to the people who have needs, and/or gas money for vehicles so they can do this themselves. Help unloading and organizing donations as they come in. Help in the kitchen cooking and serving food. Help with debris clean-up.



8 X 20 (ish) WALK-IN COOLER, Organic Valley/Organic Prairie has said they will donate a bunch of food to us IF we can get this truck !! :D

Army tent (LARGE) to house lots of volunteers


GOLF CARTS – 2, gas powered (and gas to run them)

Heavy machinery and people that know how to operate these things (bobcats, loaders, skid steers, and dump trucks).

RV style trailer for a resident of Steelman Estates to borrow. Needs to have AC.

RV Camper Portable Waste Holding Tank

Sleep – we could really use some if you have any to spare. :)

WASHER (low water consumption)


Bacon, Baking powder, Corn starch, Carrots, Celery, Bananas, Pork chops, Ground beef, Cooking oil, Coffee, Brown sugar (2 big bags), Pot roast (if you can find it on sale), Bucket of lard, Tin foil

10X20 (five) easy-up tent for the water specialist who is coming to work on-site;

10X10 (five) easy up tents for the many volunteers that come in every day so they can have a bit of shade

50 Amp RV extension chord cables, 12 gage – 100 foot long

Ant spray, Fly spray, Wasp spray (insecticide for the grounds)

Back braces (of ALL sizes) for our volunteers that are lifting heavy boxes every day.

Bandanas (the special kind that have gel in them to keep your neck cool – they swell when you put water on them)

Batteries – All sizes

Benadryl spray; Calamine lotion; Bug repellent

Bicycle pumps

Boxes (Extra, super-large)

Bungees chords (hundreds, all sizes)

Coffee maker/urn for large amounts

Cots (up to 90, or whatever number you can bring in – getting one or two at a time is still helpful)

Extension chords (heavy duty outdoor w/multi-outlets, 100 foot minimum, 10 gage)

Extension chords (indoor — anything from 5 to 25 feet)

Fans (personal, hand-held, battery operated kind)

Fly strips (cases and cases)

Garbage can w/lid (30 gallon)

Gasoline (regular and deisel)

Garden hoses (50 of them, 100 foot)

GATORADE!!!!! (liquid OR powder in personal serving sizes only)

Gift cards for gas, grocery stores, hardware stores, and household furnishings

Magnets (on the end of pole, with a wheel, for picking nails up off the ground)

Marking paint (the kind for marking utility lines on the ground)


Plastic totes (LOTS)

Pillows – more and more families are coming back and requesting these

Rubber bands of all sizes

Shoes/Boots – all sizes, NEW or very gently used

Skin-So-Soft (Avon) — We have an amazing volunteer who rode his horse from Missouri to help us out. This lotion helps to keep the flies away from his horse.

Sleeping bags

Socks -children’s sizes only

Solar showers for the families to have at their home sites (Up to 90, or whatever number you can bring in – getting 1 or 2 at a time is still helpful)

Tape measures (long, stainless, durable)

Tarps (8X10 smaller size only)

Tents – family size AND small size

Tools (2 1/2 pound shop hammers/sledge hammers, hammers, nails, pick ax, pliers, screws, wire cutters/dikes)

Underwear – all sizes and genders, NEW; Bras – all sizes, NEW

Weed eaters

White paint and/or siding to cover the housing that was just built over the water well

Zip-loc bags of ALL sizes (small to gallon, freezer, etcetera)