HHA 2013 Guide


When adopting, you will download a ticket containing the wishlist and pertinent information for your gift donation.

Needs: This section contains clothing size information and essential care requests from parents.

Wants: These are items our kids and their parents would request from Santa. They’re non-essential, but will bring smiles to a lot of little faces.

Loves: This section lists additional guidelines including the child’s interests & favorite colors in order to help you customize their gift purchases.

In the upper-right corner of the ticket, you will find age/gender information, the requested delivery date, and the wrap status of your gift.


 = OK to Wrap
 = Do Not Wrap

If you are turning in your gift in person, please include the information portion of the ticket (with items checked off) in the bag or otherwise attached to the gift to help us keep track of it. The snowflake portion of the ticket can be retained as an ornament for your holiday tree.


The organizations we work with have requested specific delivery dates. We have groups these recipients by date in ‘sets’ as indicated on the adoption page. Please have items shipped, make your monetary donation, or deliver your gift with the detail portion of your ticket to designated gift drop locations by the corresponding dates.

Set A | December 10th

Set B | December 16th

Set C | December 20th



  • There is no spending limit. If you plan to fill requests for larger-ticket utility items (i.e. strollers), gently-used condition is acceptable. In terms of gifts directly for our kids, new purchases are preferable.

  • Gifts should not include toy weapons, syringes (in the case of play ‘doctor’ kit requests) or be religious in nature.

  • As a kid, did you ever open a Christmas gift expecting toys only to find tube socks? Now you can help a kid avoid that same awkwardness! Our kids have needs, but try not to forget that the things they’ve asked Santa for are just as important. If possible, consider getting an item from each column.

  • If/when dropping off presents, please remove or otherwise black-out pricing information on all packaging.



  • Direct Adoption | Visit the ADOPTION page to view the complete set of wishlists and make your adoption selection by completing the form on the page.

  • HHA’s Amazon Wishlist |  This option is ideal for online holiday shoppers and humanists participating from outside of the OKC area. Some of the specific items requested on wishlists have been added to the HHA Gifting Amazon Wishlist. Sponsors can purchase items directly from the wishlist and it will be mailed to FreeOK for delivery.

  • Monetary Donation | Apart from being convenient for non-shoppers, monetary donations are also key in helping us ensure that everyone enrolled gets a gift. We have a lot of kids to cover this year, and it is possible that some will not be adopted directly. Funds donated through the DONATE link can be used for our extra kids at random, or for an adoption you name directly during the transaction process by entering the name or ticket number into the note attached to the donation.


If you are dropping off a gift in person, the following locations will be accepting them on our behalf:

  • 2921 E Noble Drive, Edmond, OK 73034