Community Groups

lass icon-01Lawton Area Secular Society

We are the Lawton Area Secular Society (LASS). We serve the Lawton/SW Oklahoma area. Founded on Memorial Day, 2012, our motto is “Committed To Reason”. LASS is dedicated to creating a supportive community of rational thinkers. We endeavor to promote skeptical thinking, the rejection of dogma, and hope to present a positive public image of disbelief and freethought to counter the prejudices commonly associated with atheism. LASS is also committed to creating enjoyable social opportunities for those who wish for fellowship with other atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and skeptics.

okc secular 5-courier

The Secular Parenting Group

We serve families within driving distance of the OKC metro area.

 This group consists of a variety of different families with secular lifestyles – some may consider themselves atheists, some agnostics, some secular humanists or naturalists, and many may consider themselves spiritual, but the common thread is that we all are raising our children without organized religion and want them to determine their own beliefs without teaching them any one belief system or dogma.

The main goal for the group is to create a community of like-minded people for families to take part in, similar to what religious people might find in a church setting. It seems that more and more families are choosing to raise their children without organized religion and are finding that they’d like to have that sense of community without compromising their beliefs (or lack thereof). We’re here to come together and build that community for ourselves and for our children!



act8-300x300The Atheist Community of Tulsa (ACT)

 Atheist Community of Tulsa is the largest non-theistic
organization in Green Country. We seek to promote positive atheism,
develop and support the atheist community of Tulsa, provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, promote secular viewpoints, encourage positive atheist culture, defend the first amendment principle of state-religion (church) separation, oppose discrimination against atheists, and work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.

aok icon

Oklahoma Atheists

In the middle of the Bible Belt there exists a community of individuals who strive to normalize atheism. Based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Atheists is currently the 7th largest atheist Meetup group in the world. We are also an extremely active group with over 25 meetups a month, and over 1500 members from around central Oklahoma. Our meetups cover a wide range of categories from social, parenting, health, political, outreach, educational, to volunteering. In addition to in-person meetups, we offer many private online community groups for our members.






1078265_10201694238747197_2061385251_nNorman Naturalism Group

Naturalism is simply the idea that we live in one natural world and everything we experience is a part of the natural world, best understood with science. This includes the idea that supposed supernatural forces or events actually have natural explanations. If that’s how you think, then you are a Naturalist.

We are a diverse group for all ages. Our purpose is to serve as a source of community and support for those content with or interested in the Naturalistic worldview, those who are happy with the scientific understanding of the world around us. We have events of all types, speakers, movies, discussions. family events and other get-togethers just for fun and socializing. We volunteer in the community and are also politically active and band together with other local secular groups to work for separation of church and state issues.