Welcome Back to FreeOK!

Welcome Back to FreeOK!

We’ve been busy putting together our new look and generating more projects, events and opportunities for interaction.

New Stuff

  • Our new Events and Projects section details everything we’ll be up to over the next few months. We’ve even got a nifty calendar to that effect. Over time, you will be better able to identify our news and activities through colored icons designated for community service, education, giving, disaster recovery and church v state activism. Icons designated for our various campaigns will also be obvious.


  • FreeOK memberships are now available for purchase! In our tradition of giving you stuff for giving us stuff, membership perks include discounts on merchandise in our new shop, event invites, tickets and more! Pop over to the Memberships page to learn more.
  • Did we mention that we have a Shop now? FreeOK and seasonal Actually Campaign merch are available with new stuff being added periodically. We’ve refined our shipping process to make it as painless on everyone as possible. Members get discounts and all profits not designated for production benefit humanist aid and disaster relief projects in and around Oklahoma.


  • In Oklahoma and looking for a local secular community group to join? Perhaps you’re a local freethought-friendly business or patron looking for more visibility. Our network provides for both those things. Check back in a few weeks for business listings. The community groups have been posted. Are we missing your group? Send an email with your details to coordinator@freeok.org and we’ll add you for free.


  • Volunteering just got easier for those looking for a secular group to join in community service and disaster relief. We’ll even be able to offer credit hours for student volunteers in 2014! As always we are looking for donors and sponsors to help with our operations.The Be Active menu is where you can do all the things.


  • Dispatches will be released direct to your inbox once a month, outlining everything for you in case you don’t have the time to hang around here.
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