Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Walking stick for the blind with GPS. Invention of a student from Rzeszow

Behind the invention is Lukasz Kolman, który for swój project has received one of the five topóin the awardsód VII Ogóln Poland Competition "Student-inventor”. His cane for the blind with GPS won recognition in the eyes of the jury in a competition organized by the Kielce University of Technology.

In March, a mechatronics student from Rzeszow University of Technology with his device will launch the podbój world. Indeed, its GPS-enabled cane for the blind will be unveiled at 45. International Exhibition of Inventionsóin Geneva.

The device is lightweight and allows to comfortablyób move around in urban spaces or in their own four corners. It can helpóc all people with severe visual impairment. The stick at the end has sensors installed to scan the nearest surface. It works similarly to the sensoróin cars. When a blind person approaches an obstacle, the cane will inform him with an audible signal. The signal will increase its frequency the closer it is to the obstacle.

The stick is saturated with sensors. It has built-in GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, self-balancing mechanism and radio components. This offers many more uses for the device than a traditional cane. Other sensors may be installed in addition. Depending on what the customer desires.

The device constructed by Koman is currently undergoing tests. The young inventor makes no secret of the fact that he would like to put it into production.