Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Arab sheikhs want to build a city on Mars

Dubai’s Emir Muhammad ibn Rashid Al Maktum recently announced to the world that the United Arab Emirates intends to build a city on Mars by 2117.

The 100-year plan proposed by the Sheikh is an ambitious task. Especially since the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has virtually no experience in spaceflight, but given the wealth of the wallets of the sheikhs thereów, the plan cannot be immediately condemned to failure.

Earlier, around 2020, an unmanned probe is expected to fly to Mars. The probe, named Hope, is expected to reach the Red Planet’s orbit just in time for the UAE to celebrate 50 years of independence. During a presentation of the probe’s flight plan in 2015, the UAE government admitted that it had invested nearly $5.5 billion in space technologyów.

According to the Emir of Dubai, the Martian program is aimed at young people and is expected to instill in them the spirit of space exploration. And this one could come in handy, because they have a difficult task ahead of them. The most prominent experts in the subject still have no idea how to colonize Mars, and the sheikhs are already making plans to build a large city.

The future city is to be called City of Wisdom. City of Wisdom). The 3D design of the city could be seen at the World Government Summit in Dubai. From the information available, it is still known that the city is expected to house 600,000 future Mars citizens. It is not clear where the city is to be built or what technology it is to be built with.

Before the engineers long hours of work. Faster transportation to the Red Planet needs to be developed. For this there is a whole range of problemsów with ensuring the safety of Earth pilgrims on Mars. It seems that such an ambitious goal cannot be met by a single country, and the support of theóinternational cooperation. Notably, the country’s space agency was established in 2014.