Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Bill Gates wants to tax robots that will take away people’s jobs

Tax on robotsów ? When a man is employed in a place, his work is taxed. According to Bill Gates, the same should be the case for roboticóin, whichóre replace the place of a living employee.

Developój artificial intelligence and robotics will inevitably lead to the replacement of humans with machines. It’s already happening. We wrote about it here. Chinese phone companyów comórkowych – Changying Precision Technology Company – has replaced 90 percent of the. its employeesów robots. Production jumped by 250 percent. at równ a large increase in the quality of manufactured componentsów.

This is the crowning argument of business owners, któers will want to take advantage of the robotsóin their factories. A robot doesn’t get sick, doesn’t go on strike, doesn’t complain, can work constantly, on top of which it is accurate and faster than humans. This awaits all industries. Artificial intelligence is already helping the banking sector to create analysis, reportów, and even by chat bots in customer service. Experts estimate that by 2033 half of all jobs will be occupied by robots.

This is why, according to Bill Gates, robots need to be taxed. And actually tax business owners whoóers decide to replace employeeów for robots. – A human worker pays taxes on his income, pays insurance premiums and the like. When a robot starts working instead of a living worker, it should be taxed at a similar level – assessed Gates in an interview with the Quartz news service.

There will be jobs left for humans, where empathy is essential

The billionaire also has advice for those in power. According to him, the use of robots should be taxed as soon as possibleóin by companies to slow down the automation of occupationsów. In this wayób funds could be obtained to create other jobs where human empathy is essential. It is about o nurses, caregivers or teachers.

Currently, the company, whichóra has replaced a worker with a robot, it does not incur any costóin the related. Taxes on former employees do not flow into the treasuryów, for that companies enjoy higher profits because they don’t pay them salaries. Gates expressed what would have been noticed in the future anyway. States cannot afford such a loss of influenceów.

– A solution has to be worked out so that it pays for companies to automate, but róAlso the efficient use of human labor. I believe that companies, where machinery plays a key role, will not be particularly outraged by such taxation. Robot taxów will be OK with the people they lay off – points out one of the world’s richest people.