Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Bioluminescent spectacle off the coast of Tasmania

Crowds of people are gathering on the beaches near George Town in Tasmania to see an unusual phenomenon. The fairy-tale spectacle is created by bioluminescent algae of the Noctiluca scintillans species, sometimes called nightlights or sea sparks.

The body of these creatures contains luciferin and it is responsible for the fantastic spectacle of lights. This substance is activated with the help of the enzyme luciferase, causing the phenomenon of bioluminescence. Algae begin to glow when their bodies are irritated, for example. by a violent wave.

Bioluminescent algae bloom at this time of year. This spectacular phenomenon can also be observed in the waters of the South China Sea, the Maldives, Malaysia and also in Florida.

Glowing algae pose no threat to humans. However, for the aquatic ecosystem it has. Scientists say high accumulation of bioluminescent algae could cause fish and marine plants to die out.

During the day the creatures are reddish in color, but at night their spectacle is stunning. The blue light makes a truly stunning impression. Check it out in the footage, whichóre was taken on March 14.