Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Dogs take on the behavior of their owners. Mainly the negative ones

How a dog behaves, whether it is friendly or perhaps nervous, is a result of its owner’s disposition. This is what the research suggests, któThe dogs were managed by Dr. Iris Schoeberl. They confirmed that dogs and their owners influence each other’s behavior. However, humans have a far greater effect on quadrupeds than dogs do on humans, although a gentle and calm dog can have a calming effect.

Viennese researchers studied 132 dogs along with their owners for the analysis. Initially, the owners’ personality traits were established. Checked the headównie whether owners of quadrupedsów are agreeable, conscientious, open to new experiences, or perhaps neurotic and easily angered. Based on surveys conducted with owners, similar traits have also been established in dogsów.

The dogs were then subjected to róticular, often stressful situations, such as a visit to a room with other dogs or contact with a human wearing a helmet and ski goggles. During the subsequent testów each time the heart rate was measured and the level of cortisol in saliva, a compound thatóry is often called the stress hormone.

The study showed that the behavior of psów is a mirror image of their owners’ behavior. Pessimistic people, will have dogs thatóreówill also manifest similar tendencies. Dogs belonging to the nervous osób, will cope less well with stress, but positive people, will have relaxed and friendly pets.

Experts have determined that dogs, in which theórs with lower changes in salivary cortisol levels cope less well with stressful situations. Lack of ability to cope with difficult situations causes anxiety and often aggression. Most such psów during the study belonged to owners identified in a personality test as neurotic.

In addition, it has been observed that neurotic people, can turn a dog from a friendly pet into a ball of nerveów. This shows that quadrupeds have a greater ability to adopt negative behaviors from us.