Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Donald Trump has canceled several NASA programs

Even during the election campaign, Donald Trump made himself known as a climate change skeptic whoóre its claim to be „A scam created by China to reduce the competitiveness of American industry”. This is now reflected in the 2018 budget proposal.

The White House, in the budget proposal it presented, deleted programs related to environmental protection. The Trump administration does not want to continue funding the programóin monitoring carbon dioxide emissions and the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) program, which began in 2015, który is tasked with constantly monitoring the Earth’s climate. Funds were not found for the ocean observation program eitherów and the Earth’s atmosphere.

Funding was also deprived of a well-received educational program run by NASA. The program has struggled to get funding for several years. The White House argues its decision on the grounds that NASA’s education program is a repeat of theócasting a similar programóIn conducted by other institutions.

As for space exploration programs, the draft budget deleted the landing on Europa – one of Jupiter’s moons, on which theórym there are huge deposits of liquid water. It’s a highly anticipated mission by the scientific community because of the potential to find life there. The probe itself, however, will fly to explore Europe from a closer perspective.

Also deleted was the very interesting Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) program, which theóry envisaged attracting a small asteroid to the Moon’s orbit. This is one of NASA’s more ambitious missions in recent years. It has been hailed as a prelude to space górnictwa. Other exploration missions remain unchanged.

The budget set in Trump’s proposal provides $19.1 billionów for NASA for 2018. That’s about 200 millionóin dollarsóIn less than the previous year. The presidential project will now be considered by Congress.

Sourceósource: NASA, White House, The Verge, photo. Gage Skidmore/Flickr