Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Flying cabs as early as July. Dubai never ceases to amaze

Dubai is famous for its high-tech solutions. Sheikhs in króIn a short time in the middle of the desert they built a real city of the future. Thanks to petrodollars, a building has been printed in Dubai, the police there are testing a crime prediction system, and firefighters have jet packs. Now the time has come for flying taxisówki.

We are talking here about the Chinese project, whichóry debuted last year at the CES. Flying taxisówki ry is a fleet of EHang 184 machines and, according to the aforementioned head of Dubai’s. Dróg and Urban Transport Matt al-Tayer, has already been tested in Dubai skies.

The Chinese design does not require the passenger to know how to drive the flying vehicle. The idea is that passengers will program the machine themselves. Before takeoff, all you have to do is specify your destination and you’re done. EHang 184 will do the rest by itself. Of course, his work will be constantly monitored with a center for the management of flying taxaówkami.

– Passengers do not need to learn to fly, do not need to have a pilot’s license. All they need to do is press a button and the machine will take them to a location to which theówant to get – said Derrick Xiong, coóEHang’s founder, która is behind the flying taxi projectówki. – Our machine will use a command center, where flight parameters will be checked in real time. Something like flight controlóin air ports – added.

EHang 184 can fly with a person weighing up to 100 kilogramsów. Flying taxisówki will be able to develop speeds of up to 160 kilometersóin an hour. Their range on a single battery charge is about 50 kilometersów.

EHang 184. Photo. World Government Summit

Matt al-Tayer admitted that the city intends to introduce flying taxisówks for use as early as July. The equipment has already undergone tests, but it was a test made by remote control. Now it’s time for human testing.

Flying taxisówki is part of the plan of the United Emiratesóin Arabia, so that by 2030 a quarter of the vehicleóin the country was autonomous, meaning it did not require human handling.

EHang 184 are electric vehicles. The battery is expected to take about two hours to charge. Flying taxaówki are expected to move at altitudes of up to 300 metersów.