Hoe : Gardening most necessary tools of Hoe or spade

Through this blog, today I will tell you about the use of spades or Hoe and what we can do with spades. I have a good knowledge of flower gardening and farming that I want to share with you, how you can plant your flower garden and farming very easily with a spade. So let’s start today’s discussion

What is a spade or Hoe?

What is a spade or Hoe

A spade is made of a short length of bamboo and a sharp blade, and can be used to cultivate plants, farm crops, cultivate flower gardens, and clear weeds around the house very easily. The first known use of the spade or Hoe was in the 14th century.

How many types of spades?


There are several types of hoes and different hoes have different functions such as garden hoes, digging hoes, planting hoes, pointed hoes, border hoes.

How is it used spade or Hoe?

We usually soften the soil to cultivate plants, agricultural plantations, flower gardens so that we can plant plants or seeds very easily. To soften the soil you need to dig well with a spade and clear the weeds from the soft soil and then plant your required plants or seeds.

Garden hoes: Through this layer, the soil creates a water barrier, allowing weeds to take root. With this spade you can not prepare the soil for planting your garden seeds but you can plant small crops like turnip, radish, onion, garlic.

Digging hoes: It is a grubbing spade that is different from other spades in use. A spade can be used to dig the soil or prepare the soil for planting by using little body power.

Planting hoes: One of the most important things in a cultivation garden is planting Hoes. It has to be worked on the soil so that flowering plants, vegetables, gardens are planted. It is retained and incorporated with the soil, providing seed or food support

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