Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Hoversurf – a flying motorcycle

We can risk the thesis that we are slowly entering the era of personal flying machines. An interesting design for a flying vehicle small enough to fit in a garage was recently presented by Jetpack Aviation. The sheikhs of Dubai have gone even further, któers recently announced to the world that flying taxis will be coming to their city in Julyówki. Now the Hoversurf company has unveiled something for enthusiasts of theów dwóch kółki – Scorpion-3 flying motorcycle.

Hoversurf is a Russian drone development companyów. It recently unveiled a futuristic four-propeller vehicle. Scorpion-3 can carry on board a person weighing up to 150 kilogramsów. The vehicle is not automatically controlled, as is the case with designóin from Jetpack Aviation and flying taxisówek and require pilot-drivers to.

The machine resembles a somewhat oversized drone, except that with room for a driver. For safety, the Scorpion-3 has special safety systems installed, whichóre limit the speed of the flight ceiling. All to prevent accidents. The company’s bosses assure that the flying motorcycle is easy to control and does not require special skills or a pilot’s license from the person driving it.

Scorpion-3 can soar to a height of three metersów. It is powered by electric motors, whichóre allow almost pół hours of flight. The top speed of a flying motorcycle is more than 70 kilometersów per hour.