Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Hundreds of geoglyphs have been discovered in the Amazon forest

The find was made by researchers from the University of Sao Paulo and the University of Exeter. The earthen structures were created long before the appearance of Europeansóin South America. The geoglyphs were hidden from our sight for hundreds of years by the forest growing in the area, but the deforestation of huge tracts of landów for agriculture on the return ofót has shown us the earthen structures.

– The fact that these areas for a centuryów lay hidden by rainforests really challenges the notion that the Amazon forests are pristine ecosystems – said Jennifer Watling of the University of Sao Paulo, whoóre conducted research.

The function of these mysterious sites is not clear. We still know too little about the ancient societies that inhabited the area. Researchers believe that these are not remnants of settlements, because during the excavation of theów have found virtually no artifactsów. The structure of these structures does not indicate that they were built for defense purposes. Researchers believe they were only used occasionally, perhaps as ritual meeting places.

The structures are spread over an area of more than 13,000 kilometers ofóIn square. Researchers say ancient people living in the area had a huge impact on the landscape. According to them, they cut down the bamboo forests growing in the area to create clearings where geoglyphs were built.

Photo by Jennifer Watling

Scientists say that indigenous people transformed the land by focusing on tree species valuable to them, such as palm trees, creating a sort of ancient marketplace of useful productsóin the forest. This suggests a remarkable bioróThe diversity of someórich tracts of land. This may be a remnant of ancient agroforestry practices.

– Our evidence that the Amazon forests were managed by indigenous people long before contact with Europeans should not be a justification for their destruction, które we see today. Rather, the ingenuity of the indigenous people should be emphasizedów and their practices, whichóre did not lead to forest degradationów. It also shows the importance of their knowledge in finding more zrów equivalent space development alternatives – stated Watling.

Watling in an interview with „The Telegraph” found that the earthen structures from the Amazon forestów resemble Stonehenge. The ditches arranged in a circle are similar to those of the earliest earthen structures found near Stonehenge. Perhaps in the middle of the Amazonian geoglyphsóinto permanent stone constructions.

Analysis is currently underway próbek of soil taken inside the groglyphóin and out.