Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Life expectancy is increasing. By 2030, the barrier of 90 years will fall

Researchers from Imperial College London, together with colleagues from the World Health Organization, analyzed life expectancy in 35 industrialized countries of the world. According to the projections, whichóre looking ahead to 2030, life expectancy will increase. There will also be a leveling off of the róThe gap between the life expectancy of men and women.

The results presented by the researchersów could be a tough test for the systemóin health care for the elderly. However, the biggest challenge faces pension systems.

The study included zarówno rich countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany or Australia, but róAlso countries on the rise, including Poland, Mexico and the Czech Republic. The study shows that life expectancy can be expected to increase in all these countries.

But South Koreans take the lead. They are the ones who will live the longest. It is estimated that a girl born in South Korea in 2030, will live 90.8 years. A man born at the same time and place will live to 84.1 springs.

But why is it that Koreans? South Korea has very high rates of access to education and health care. The country does not have a malnutrition problem, but on the other hand, Koreans have one of the lowest rates ofów concerning obesity. On top of that, they do exceptionally well with hypertension.

Currently, women live the longest in Japan, but wkrótce they would be overtaken by the Koreans and the French. Very poorly compared to other countriesów fall out of the United States. They are on track to have the lowest life expectancy in 2030 among theód of the surveyed countryów. According to projections, women in the U.S. will live 83 years, and men 80. This is worse than in the country on the Vistula.

What will be the average life expectancy in Poland?

If the estimates come true, in 2030 a Polish woman will live 84 years on average. The average Smith will móheads live to 77 springs. This is seven years less than the Koreans, whoóThe people are expected to live the longest.

Poland, with such a result, ranks at the bottom of the table among the world’s most affluent countriesód 35 industrialized countryóin the world. In life expectancy we will overtake Croatianów, Serbów, Romanianów or Hungaryów.

By 2030, it will also be leveled róThe difference in life expectancy between men and women. Men have long led less healthy lifestyles than women. They drank more, smoked more and were more likely to commit suicideócountries. But the lifestyles of men and women are becoming similar. Therefore, rówomen will be screwedótce obliterated.

What is the mainóThe main factor driving the increase in life expectancy? – We have heard repeatedly in the past that the increase in life expectancy has come to an end. Many people believed that góThe average life expectancy is 90 years, but the country ranks at the bottom of the listótce we break this barrier. We are not even close to górna limit of life expectancy. If such in ogóle is – said Professor Majid Ezzati, who led the study.

– The best performing countries in the life expectancy comparison are które investing in the health care system and ensuring that each of their citizens has access to it – explained Ezzati.