Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

NASA has found a probe in lunar orbit that was lost 8 years ago

It is possible here to móto talk about quite a feat. Finding an object the size of a kitchen table in space is no easy matter. We are talking about Chandrayaan-1, India’s first space probe. The probe was launched in 2008. After less than a year of work a lunar orbit, contact with the probe was lost.

After losing contact, the Indian Space Research Organization announced the end of the mission. Despite the fact that the probe only worked for less than half the intended time. Since then, the fate of Chandrayaan-1 has been unknown. Until now.

Despite small sizeóin the probe (a cube with a side of 1.5 meters) NASA specialists managed to locate the doom from a distance of almost 400,000 kilometersóin, that is, from Earth. Detecting such a small object in the Moon’s orbit with a telescopeów is impossible. The Silver Globe reflects the sun’s rays too intensely, so NASA experts used radar.

The parameters of the probe’s orbit were known before contact was lost with it. NASA employees focused their search on just this area and found that something is there and bounces a signal regularly every two hours and eight minutes.

NASA’s feat is significant in that it may in the future helpóc protect lunar missions from Earth. It will be possible in this way toób to follow the actions of the mission live.