Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

New design of a personal flying vehicle

The idea of creating flying vehicles was born a long time ago, but is still in the conceptual stage. This may be about to change with Jetpack Aviation, a company that hypefully announces the creation of a prototype within six months.

The company has so far been associated more with futuristic Jet pack designsów. However, success in this field has not been achieved. Now Jetpack Aviation engineers plan to build a flying vehicle similar to a helicopter, whichóry would be small enoughów, in order to móhead to fit in the garage.

Photo: Jetpack Aviation

The flying vehicle is to be deprived of wings. Instead, 12 propellers are to be mounted on six arms, two for each arm. Instead of kół engineers plan to assemble spheres, które can move in any direction. Maximum speed, about whichómótie twórcy is 145 kilometersów per hour.

The project assumes that the vehicle will travel at an altitude of about twoóch meteróin above the earth. It is to be powered by batteries, but twórcy are not entirely convinced of the validity of this solution, so there is also a conceptual version, która assumes the installation of a turbine engine. And with such engines, engineers from the California-based company have already worked on Jet pacs.

Photo: Jetpack Aviation

The technology currently used in drones is also to be used for this. It is mainly about autopilot and flight stabilization technology. Twórcy also thought about safety. They claim that even if half of the propellers in the vehicle stop working, it can still be landed safely. The whole thing is to be completed by an airbag system.

– All this space above us is completely unused, but the day will come that this will change. We want to be part of this revolution,” said David Mayman, head of Jetpack Aviation.

The company wants to build a prototype within six months, but this is contingent on the company’s finances. The search for an investor is currently underwayów.