Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Polish electric car produced in Bielsko-Biała

A press conference in Warsaw announced the creation of a company that will electrify Polish cars. Bielsko-Biała-based Electric Car Factory intends to produce up to 1,000 electric vehicles a year.

Car Factoryóin Electric is to build vehicles based on the Fiat 500 produced in Tychy. Components from Fiat are supplemented by a drive from the National Drive Instituteów and Electric Machinery Komel of Katowice. This will be joined by batteries from the Korean company Kokam. The whole thing is to be assembled at the former Car Factoryóin the Small Lighter Truck Plant, where popular small cars have been produced for years.

The new Polish caród electric FSE 01 on a single charge will móhead to drive a distance of about 100 kilometersów. The 45 kW motor will allow the machine to accelerate up to 135 kilometersów per hour. The company’s head Thomas Hajek revealed that the „The goal for serial production is a price of less than 100 thousand zlotys”.

At the helm of the new entity was the aforementioned Hajek, który has been involved in the automotive industry for more than 20 years. It is a manager of German origin. It has worked in Poland before. In 1992, it appeared in our country with Fiat, który took over the Polish plant. He was associated with the Italian manufacturer for many years, but he also headed the Maserati brand for Central Europe. Our investors may associate him with the Wielton trailer company, whichówhere he was vice president.

Since 2013, Hajek has headed the sp he foundedóBemotion, whichóra has been researching and developing an electric car for more than three years. It was on the basis of this spósp was established Car Factoryóin Electric. Hajek announced that FSE also intends to produce electric delivery cars.

Hajek admitted that developing a new electric car from scratch is a gigantic cost. That’s why it has taken on the reworking of an already existing structure. – We can like Tesla invest billions of dollarsóIn order to create a caród electric from start to finish, but we can also create it faster and cheaper – explained the manager.

– Our caród FSE 01 is just the beginning of a range of vehicleóin electric. It can already be ordered today. We also plan to export to the country’sóin the EU – announced the head of the company’s.

FSE already has the first zamówienia. The client is a car rental companyów, whichóra zamóIt has built 10 electric vehicles. The new entity is also likely to enter the competition for the first Polish caród electric. The competition was announced by ElectroMobility Poland – spółk created by PGE, Tauron, Enea and Energia, with the support of the Polish government. The idea is to lay the groundwork for a new market.