Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

Researchers point to benefits of pub walking

Most scientific studies warn against drinking alcohol. Although someóre indicate some health benefits, but only when consumed in moderation. The same is true of a study by British researchersów.

Researchers analyzed previous studies on alcohol consumption in bars. They found amongód them surveys with bar employeesóin and their customers, or surveys conducted across the UK on pub behavior. The researchers were interested in the mainówn the frequency of customer visitsów and their behavior.

The results clearly show that people whoóre regularly visit pubs feel more socially engaged and more satisfied with their lives. This feeling is higher among theód osób, whoóre regularly visiting local pubs. Slightly worse in this area are frequenters of pubs in the centers of large cities. They do not feel as much social involvement.

The research also indicated that people whoóre they enjoyed alcohol in local pubs, they were more likely to engage in conversation, which influenced interactions and increased involvement of all the gathered attendees. In contrast, those whoóThose who attended pubs in metropolitan centers were less likely to engage in conversation.

– The study found that visitors to local pubs have significantly larger social networks and are more likely to engage with the local community. This affects their satisfaction with life – said Robin Dunbar, professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University.

– Our social networks are a kind of buffer for us against mental, but also physical diseases. Pubs have traditionally played an important role as places to socialize. Alcohol consumption triggers the release of endorphins, which affects feelings of satisfaction, but also increases social interaction – explained the scientist.

An individual’s well-being and life satisfaction affects the entire community. The pubs play an important role in this process. They offer, in addition to alcohol, a social environment ready to engage in interaction. This is why we all need pubs for our well-being and to increase social engagement, but for many regularsóin the pubic is no surprise.