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The brilliant 10-year-old just passed the session at Lublin University of Technology

The brilliant 10-year-old began his adventure with the polytechnic in October last year and thus became the youngest student in Poland. Kamil Vronsky swój the first semester of the qrótko: it was great!

Kamil for a credit was to make an engine controlleróin synchronized with permanent magnets. Such a task was given to Dr. Dariusz Zielinski from the Department of Propulsionóin and Electrical Machines of Lublin University of Technology. – I specifically chose such a task, to whichórego is impossible to find „ready” on the Internet. And Kamil within twoóch months did everything: from zamórally elementóin, by designing, testing and launching a – explained Dr. Zielinski in an interview with the „Lublin Courier”. – I must admit that I am impressed by his work – concluded.

How it all started?

Kamil Vronsky showed a strong interest in robots and mathematics from an early age. It started by counting the staircaseów. Over time, he added them and then multiplied and divided them. It is his passion. Parents were quick to point out that their son has an unusual talent. – When he was in kindergarten we noticed that he was learning very quickly. DetailsóHis parents enrolled him in the School of Science and Technology. Nobody forced anything on him – admitted Patryk Wroński, Kamil’s dad.

Talented boy from a young age was constantly untwisting something and screwing it back together. Home appliances such as CD-ROM or radio-magnetophone were taken apart for parts. At the age of 4.5, he won a competition (aimed at 10-year-oldsó(w) on constructing a robot from a clocheóin lego. At the age of seven, he built a caród, whichóry was able to bounce off obstaclesód.

While his róvillagers were biting crayons, Kamil was constructing his own buildings with Lego Technic and tinkering with integrated circuits. Over time, his knowledge began to increase and become more and more apparent. His parents enrolled him in schoolórobotics for children. He was the youngest in the group, but performed the task the fastest. He attended classes for only three months. The presenter said that the boy is too capable.

Kamil’s knowledge over time began to pose problems. The child did not fit into the framework of the educational system. His skills far exceeded the róvillagerów.

The youngest student in Poland

Thanks to his knowledge, Kamil was recognized and last year an agreement was signed between Lublin University of Technology, UMCS, Elementary School No. 21 named after Kamil. Królowa Jadwiga in Lublin and the Board of Education. Under the agreement, Kamil finally got the opportunity to develop under the guidance of academics.

The document assumes that the emotional development of the boy will be supervised by specialists from the UMCS, and the Lublin University of Technology will enable Kamil to acquire knowledge. The child also came under the care of a scientific tutor, from whomórym meets once a week.

At first the boy had individual classes to móhead to get used to life in higher education. The parents were convinced that the boy would see what it was all about and let it go, give himself a breakój. But they were greatly miscalculated. – Kamil sank like a stone into the water. It turned out that he has a great deal of knowledge, that he understands what in scientific language móbind professors to him – admitted the boy’s father.

The educational system in our country does not allow to jump several levels ofóin the sciences. That’s why Kamil goes to school normally. It is only after school classes that he attends mechatronics classes. The school management is helping the boy as much as it can to móhead to reconcile these two things.

Future plans and dreams

Kamil intends to continue his studies at the Lublin University of Technology. On top of that, he will continue to go to Elementary School No. 21 im. Królowa Jadwiga Street in Lublin. But the boy has also been involved in a major project to build an electric car at the university.

Kamil also wants to make his dream a reality: to build a teleport. The boy which moves quickly from his home to his grandfather’s house and to Hungary to the swimming pool.

Parents build gifted boy a lab. However, this kind of thing is very expensive. That’s why parents are looking for a sponsoróIn and financial support on one of the patron crowdfunding

Sourceóbackground: Głos Koszaliński, Kurier Lubelski, Dziennik Wschodni