Thu. Jun 1st, 2023

There will be paid medical studies? The health ministry responds to Gowin’s proposal

The minister of science and higher education said that medical studies should be paid, but in combination with scholarships. The health ministry, in response, stressed that paid medical studies need to be analyzed.

Paid medical studies? In Gowin’s opinion, there should be a fee for studying such subjects. This was the statement made by the deputy minister on TOK FM radio. – Such retribution should be introduced in conjunction with scholarships, które cover 100 percent of the. costów, but then these scholarships would have to be worked off for several years. Or if a young doctor wants to go abroad, let him reimburse róthese scholarships – explained the minister.

According to the head of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, such a proposal does not contradict the Constitution, która clearly mówi that education in public schools is free of charge. Gowin with his idea wants to meet the unfavorable for the country emigration of young doctors, która currently takes place. The state bears the high cost of educating doctors, and these often decide right after graduation to go to more prosperous countriesów – to Germany or Norway.

Health Ministry spokeswoman Milena Kruszewska explained that the ministry is not critical of Gowin’s proposal, but that such an idea requires more extensive analysis. – The idea calls for expert consultationów, cfównaƄ international. We are dealing with this. We are not critical. Our priority is patient safetyów – emphasized Kruszewska.

The idea of paying for medical studies has come from Gowin’s mouth before. Last year, the deputy prime minister made a similar proposal. He also reported at the time that the cost of educating a doctor is about 500,000 zlotys.